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We are a CCOF USDA Certified Organic Farm with over 40 fertile acres of land to farm the best vegetables, fruits, and licensed hemp to be found in Southern California.  Our organic farming methods are always non-GMO, non-bioengineered in terms of source, but also include regenerative practices so as to have the most sustainable and environmentally friendly farm as possible.

We have a small poultry operation that includes layer ducks, pekins, and runners.  We have 6 turkey hens that produce a steady supply of turkey eggs, and decent size flock of heritage and standard layer chickens.  Chicken eggs are a beautiful spectrum of white, beige, pink/rose, light brown, and deep chocolate browns.  We produce a lot of eggs. so if you need a steady supply of cage-free, free-range, organically fed chicken, duck, or turkey eggs should check us out.

Fields are already in the process of bein prepped for another season of various row crops.  Anyone interested in contracting us for a grow should hit us up!