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Our Story

We are a small family farm located in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We utilize beyond organic standards through permaculture practices to create a healthy and sustainable farm system. The diversity you will find at Shady Grove includes a variety of laying hens, heritage breed broiler chickens, turkeys, heritage breed pigs, heritage breed dual purpose Jacob sheep, wool sheep, many varities of produce, berries and herbs grown outside, in hoophouses and greenhouses, as well as on Huglekultur mounds.

We take pride in offering high quality farm products that are produced with integrity. Our main product is our organic, soy & corn free chicken eggs, known as Grateful Eggs…laid by hippy “chicks”. We use custom feed for our animals that is Certified Organic and soy/corn free, except our sheep. All of our animals live outside and have inside access. The animal manure is continually managed, cleaned up and composted with strict methodology to create a bio-complete living soil food web. The compost piles are meticulously monitored and managed until ready to sell this premium end product to the community.

Also offered from our farm is a line of very high quality, hand made felted and nuno felted woolen garments, including custom wedding dresses! The Woolymama line includes, wrist warmers, scarves, leg warmers, wrap skirts, skirts, tanks, dresses, vests, seamless jackets, custom wedding dresses, and more!  Custom orders are welcome and encouraged!

We prefer to sell our products direct to consumers so we can create the farm to consumer relationships. We feel this helps to strenghten our local food/farm system and also assists in creating resiliency. It is important to us to have an intimate connection with our food/farm products and to share that connection with our customers and community. Our products can also be seen/purchased at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. (please see links below for other outlets)

If you are interested in taking a tour of our farm, meeting your farmers and seeing where some of your food and farm goods come from, please contact us to set up a time to visit! We wecome field trips, are 100% transparent in what we do and encourage people to come and see our operation. Thank you in advance for supporting small farms. We hope to see you at Shady Grove, where our motto is “Food with integrity, quality before profit!”