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Welcome to Shady Oak Farm.  We have been farming since 2010 and expand each year. We sell produce and cut flowers at our farm stand and also at the Medina County Farmer’s Market at the Medina Square.

Chickens are a nice fit for our small farm.  We built a new coop this fall that will allow us to rotate the runs so that the girls can eat as many bugs and worms as they can find.  We supplement with local grains from Town and County.   Their healthy diet is seen in the yolks they produce with a dark yellow/orange color.   Our eggs are not sized and are multi colored from dark chocolate brown to white.  Once you try them, we are sure you will be hooked.

We have raised them since the day they hatched.  They have a joy to raise and watch grow up.

Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens


Meet the “girls”


And Boys


Find out eggs at the farm stand.  We have seeds started inside for a welcomed spring growing season after this winter!