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Our Story

In March of 2015 I decided I had come to a point in my life where I wanted to get back to some of the basics.  Reading about supply problems with various foods, I came to realize that it was time I started producing my own, my own products that I could control.  I would know how they were made.  I would know how the animals were cared for and I could provide my family with a superior product.

I had been thinking about raising poultry for many years.   The reason I had not was that my wife was not too fond of the idea and we were worried about the start up expenses.  We took the plunge in the spring of 2015.  We gathered an number of different breeds of poultry to include Australorps, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, Leghorns and various other types of chickens.  We also bought a few turkeys just to make things interesting.

We had good luck during the first few months losing only 3 pullets and a couple of turkeys.    As we moved into August, our ladies were producing eggs but many of them were small or medium size.  However over time the egg size increased and we were getting 24 eggs per day.

Then tragedy struck. We had a predator attack and lost all but 8 of our flock.  Including all our turkeys.  We needed to make some changes for the next season.  And have done so.  We will rebuild our flock this spring and by fall, expect to be in full production once again.

We have had many supporters within our community and are hopeful we will be able to sell enough of our eggs and products to expand over the next several years.

Thank you for Visiting the “Farm”,

Shady and Melissa Blackwell