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Our Story

Hello! We are a small farm in Southern New Jersey. We have lots of different animals and love each an every one of them.

As far as chickens, we started out three years ago and bought 13 chicks. One being a rooster, and the rest hens. I ended up naming all of them. So about two years went by and we had lost a few, and we decided we wanted more hens, because we are now selling our eggs. So we got 8 more. They matured nicely and started laying eggs. Sadly December of 2014 one of them got taken by a hawk. A little after they started laying eggs we decided we wanted a few more because we found a beautiful and very unique breed. They are Salmon Faverolles. We ordered the six that were left, but only two arrived because they were all that had hatched. They too got named. We now have a total of 19 chickens. 1 rooster and now 18 hens. All with names, Rooster Roo, Jelly Beans, Cindy, Hannah, Henrietta, ChickenHawk (Her nickname is Honk though ’cause she sounds like a goose), Pepper, Blacky, Tiny, Star, Oprah, PomPom, Rainbow Dash, Maple, Jasper, Ruby, Cloud, Mable, and Celestia, and all with each of their unique personalities.

We also have a lot of different animals besides chickens too. Two horses, and a pony. Three dogs, two German Shepherds and a Dogue De Bordeax. Three cats. A Rabbit. Two young Nubian Goats.

Another unique thing here is that we are beekeepers! At this point in time we have 29 hives, and we hope to gain even more this spring and summer.