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Shmaltzy is an organic poultry and egg producer on the outskirts of Omaha offering free delivery within the metro area, including Bellevue and Papillion.

Our hens are free-range and are only fed certified organic feed. Their diet also includes grass, insects, mealworms, black oil sunflower seeds, kale, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. They have warm oatmeal for breakfast during the winter and enjoy frozen corn and watermelon treats during the summer.

Additionally, our eggs conform to Jewish dietary laws because they are from species known to be kosher. This means that they are brown eggs laid by kosher chicken species. According to OU and cRc, one does not need a hechsher for uncooked eggs. Unlike many backyard chicken keepers, we do not have any hens of the species that lay green or blue eggs, nor any chickens with five toes.  Although we candle our eggs to reduce the likelihood of encountering blood spots, the eggs should still be checked for blood spots in accordance with your tradition.