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Our Story

My husband and I both had a dream to own land and in July 2015 we bought 84.5 acres and now call ourselves farmers. It’s been a challenge but we’ve had so much fun and learned so much every step of the way.

We have 22 head of Black Baldy cattle. We raise up our steers all natural over a 2+ year span to sell directly to the family to consume.

Currently we have around 100 chickens. We incubate and hatch our own chicks to grow our flock. We have a variety of breeds of chickens from Road Island Reds, Golden Comets, Barred Rocks, Buff Orphingtons, Amerucanas, Wheaten Marans. All are pasture raised and all naturally fed.
Our goal is to package a beautifully colored dozen eggs in each carton. We wash, inspect and package each egg by hand, which give us a personal touch in an every growing business.

Try our eggs and taste the difference.