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Rainbow eggs
Beautiful all natural chicken eggs sold in carton unwashed ready to keep on counter tops or in refrigerator. $5 dozen all proceeds keep farm operating and allow me to continue my research. Check out my farm at thanks!

I have over 100 dozen available weekly I can give discount on orders over 25 dozen

These are some of the most spoiled birds you will ever meet! I have constructed a coop and run area that is about 15ft x 75ft out of mainly pallets and stuff i found on side of the road. The chickens free range from sun up to sun down. I have built several boxes covered with wire to grow pasture grass mixes of clover alfalfa rye wheat and the wire keeps chickens from killing the plants and is also a form of activity to keep them busy! The girls on a diet of fermented feed and sprouted grains and I grow fodder for them. I also give them lots of fresh purselane to ensure their eggs are extra high in omega 3 and more healthy than “regular” eggs. Fermenting feed and sprouting grains, helps to unlock all the good stuff like amino acids and B vitamins and turns ordinary feed into a super healthy probiotic feed. This process truly makes the chickens and their eggs more healthy. Fodder and sprouts are made from a mixture of seeds like wheat, rye, millett, oat, clover whatever I can find . The system is tied into the aquaponic system and is grown out in seeding trays for about 2 days up to a week till its a thick mat of grass and then fed daily to the chickens.

I am raising chickens sustainably by creating a small eco-system in my backyard that is able to sustain a much higher per acre number of hens yet still allow them to live a natural life. Normally groups of hens are rotated through several acres as each area needs rest for plants to regrow. I am creating a much smaller footprint by creating vegetation that can survive without rest so it makes my 1 acre the equivalent of 5-20 acres. By growing food for them in the aquaponic system it saves water compared to traditional growing methods. Other things i am doing include obtaining food waste for composting to have extra bugs to eat, I grow food for them to eat and i even have mealworm farm going as another protein source that is grown on stale cereal and food scraps that would otherwise be trashed. I also use poultry manure as fertilizer and as feed for black soldier fly larvae that are fed to chickens and fish.