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Our Story

Silver Pond Farm was established here in Fairfield, CT in 1989.

We started out with two Rhode Island Red pullets when our daughter was just 9 years old and it grew from there! In fact, our poultry won several ribbons at the Goshen Fair, an annual Agricultural Fair located in Northwest, CT. We have pictures of our daughter holding and hugging “Cindy & Mindy,” and our birds won First Place –  we have shiny ribbons to prove it!

Our family raises poultry and produce, specializing in assorted eggs in green, blue, brown and white that come from various heritage breeds like Barred Rocks, Old Brahmas, Buff Orpingtons, as well as several breeds who lay blue, green and pink eggs.

We also take great pride in our home grown garlic! Following his father, “Pops,” gardening skills and legacy, Paul plants all our garlic by hand, usually at the end of September. Often he plants those large cloves on or around Pop’s birthday, September 25 (1913-2000). We prefer two hardneck types:

1. “Northern White Porcelain” organic jumbo garlic 

2. “Ivan,” similar organic jumbo sized garlic.

Our garlic fields stretch out like long brown and green patches that look like a flag. The garlic is planted in early fall and “winters over.” Paul uses clean, no-seed mulch to protect the plants. Some people know Paul as “the Garlic King,” a title befitting his work and it’s results.

Our other passion is raising poultry, which IS work, but also pleasure! We believe our hens are family, too, and we  “spoil” our girls with organic feed, greens, veggies and other garden scraps plus what they glean from the earth!

We hand gather the eggs several times a day and DO NOT WASH the eggs, only carefully wiping the shells so as not to disturb the “bloom,” the natural coating left on the shell surface from the mother hen, that protects the eggs from contamination.

There is often debate about whether to clean eggs or not, but, we recommend NEVER buying eggs with obvious dirt or fecal matter on the shells. Why?

Because eggshells are 99% calcium and are permeable (that’s how an unborn chick can breathe inside a shell before hatching) and therefore, can became contaminated if not treated properly. We follow absolutely strict protocol for the proper care of eggs!

Our eggs are always fresh, come in assorted sizes, and sold by the half or whole carton, including regular, jumbo and extra jumbo which we refer to as   “Mumbo.”

People really do marvel at the difference in taste between our eggs and other farm eggs, and we have many, happy, repeat customers that become our friends over the years!

In addition to garlic, we grow organic arugula, basil, cilantro, cucumbers, dill, green beans, kale, lettuce, onions, parsley, peas, pumpkins, spinach, Swiss chard, tomatoes and more all harvested in season here in CT!

Our eggs and produce are available ONLY at the Greenfield Hill Farmers Market 65 Hillside Road, Fairfield, CT. The market runs from mid May through the last Saturday in October!

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