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Our Story

We live and farm on a 1910 homestead in southwest Saskatchewan on seven acres of organic transition land. We are producers of table eggs from happy, farm-raised free-range hens fed a nutritionally-enhanced certified organic layer ration.

Our mission is to offer our clients “A Taste of Heritage®”. We have turned back the agricultural clock to a time before genetic manipulation, chemical inputs and commodity production created the frenzy that is today’s agricultural model.

By choosing disease-resistant heritage livestock breeds and heirloom crop varieties with innate disease and climatic tolerance, we can produce quality food without the use of synthetic inputs, growth hormones or pesticides, while building soil complexity and volume.

New this year:

We are planting our first crop of heirloom grasses and grains, including several varieties of ancient wheat, oats and barley, as well as Quinoa.

Love life first, then march through the gates of each season; go inside nature and develop the discipline to stop destructive behavior; learn tenderness toward experience, then make decisions based on creating biological wealth that includes all people, animals, cultures, currencies, languages, and the living things as yet undiscovered; listen to the truth the land will tell you; act accordingly.

~Gretel Ehrlich