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I have always lived on a farm and loved being around animals.  My family and I would (I’ve converted them now) always disagree about how to care for our animals while “working” them or moving them.  My goal is to get the job done, but, be as gentle and easy as possible as to not upset the animals.  One of my main goals is to make sure that our animals have the ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE they can possibly have.

Our animals get fresh grass, (in the winter time we feed them a mixture of only 1st cutting alfalfa/Timothy mix hay, our hay supplier does not use any chemicals on the 1st cutting alfalfa/Timothy hay. Our hay is barn stored through the year so that it stays as clean as possible) they get clean water in abundance, all minerals they want/need, shelter in the cold and shade in the heat and most of all ABSOLUTELY no antibiotics, growth hormones, MRNA vaccines or any inhumane living conditions.

out cattle are grass raised and grass finished.


right now we have grass fed/raised/finished longhorn and angus beef for sale it is processed in a usda facility and is vacuum sealed for freshness and so that it is preserved as long as possible in your freezer.   We mostly have ground beef as we have sold out of the other cuts.  If you are looking for something In particular just ask and I will look to see if I have what you are wanting.  We will have a steer going to the processor within the next month  or so depending on how he grows out.  Our goal is  to butcher 1 steer per month so that we can keep preferred cuts on hand

We do have a minimum of 10 pounds of ground beef at $5.00 per pound.  If you prefer to buy less, I will have to charge a delivery fee if you need me to meet you to get the beef .


please call/text if you have any questions    903-815-9439


thank you    Diane Willeford