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Meet the Farmers:

The Holley family running Sisu Farms is Asa, Aila, Atticus, Roark, Eowyn and Almanzo. Our journey into farming started with the realization that food can be medicine. Shortly after Atticus was born in 2009 he developed awful eczema and we discovered it was due to food allergies, trying to heal him lead us to the path of a whole food diet including a focus on meat from healthy naturally raised animals. Over the next few years the health of our family continued to improve with the focus on whole food. We wanted to do more to help others see the same benefits as we had. In 2018 the opportunity came up to leave LA and move back to Colorado to start farming the land where Asa grew up and Sisu farms was born. We are on a mission to continue to improve the methods we use to better utilize the land, water and animals. Please call to come visit us and see what we are doing!

Why Sisu?

Sisu is a Finish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience and hardiness.

It’s a term Aila’s father often used. When we were picking a name for our farm, it fit our mission of raising quality meat in a harsh environment while improving our natural resources of water and soil.