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Our Story

Smiling Sky Farm is a little slice of paradise in Southwestern Oklahoma near Lake Lawtonka with Mount Scott to the west & smiling skys above.  Started in 2010, we decided to focus on heritage breeds of poultry & livestock & raise many breeds listed with the Livestock Breed Conservancy. In our coop we have chickens, geese, & turkeys & sell rainbow eggs at our local Farmers Market as well as offer some delivery & local pick up from our farm. Our chickens have a large main coop that is 12’x12′ & a 2nd coop we call the Annex which is 6’x12′ and a large enclosed yard & 3 large, separate enclosures for specific breeding & holding. The chickens are let out most days to forage & frolic on our mixed grass prairie farm & put away every evening.  My degree is in zoology & I worked in the zoo field for many years so I like to keep it interesting for our birds & provide lots of enrichment & variety for them including mirrors, xylophones, perching, logs, limbs, furniture… we keep it lively. My son shows our birds & he has done very well & we are very proud of our birds.  Our varieties include Cochins, Orpingtons, Golden Campines, Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Seabright, Ancona, Australorp, Dominique, Polish, Plymouth Rock, Araucana, Dutch, Brahma, Leghorn, Copper Marans, Wyandotte  & 3  bantam breeds: Bantam Cochins, Dutch, & Belgian d’ Uccle so we have quite a mixed coop & colorful eggs.  A lot of our breeds aren’t prolific layers but among the mix we have plenty of eggs every week. We enjoy these chickens so much & We love our little farm & hope everyone gets to experience fresh eggs from happy, healthy chickens!