Songbird Hill Farm, LLC

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Our Story

Eight years ago our journey into farming began with a question many of you may be asking yourself, “where can I find REAL chicken!?”.¬†We did not trust the chicken in the store and we were unable to find it locally so decided to raise our own. Our research introduced us to farmers who were practicing a method called Pastured Poultry. Inspired, we raised 10 chickens in our backyard. The first chicken dinner we shared left us speechless – this is what chicken should taste like.

The following years we continued to learn and improve our practices. We discovered that when chickens are raised on pasture they are both healthy and flavorful.

In 2021, we created Songbird Hill Farm so that we could share this chicken with You.

We are Jeff & Paige Lambert – a husband & wife team raising Pastured Poultry in Kankakee, IL.