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Southdown Acres was created in April 2021. Both my husband and I are veterans and wanted to start our next adventure with our younger kids. We fell in love with the idea of peaceful ambiance of sheep grazing in the pasture. We gained our first set of Registered NABSSAR babydoll sheep in TN. Since then we grew 6 more ewes, Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milk production and kidding, heritage chickens, bronze breasted turkeys, and Quail. We live to work our farm daily as it became a labor of love. We have enjoyed sharing the fresh eggs with customers at the Farmers Market and became excited to grow even more with a plan to add meat Dorper/katadin mix sheep in 2023. As veterans both Army and Navy we adapt to issues daily and overcome all obstacles and seem to prevail. Thank you for your interest and make sure to follow on FB and TikTok!