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Whether you take home 1 chick or 100, our chicks have been carefully nurtured and monitored to insure your latest addition to your flock is healthy and happy. Not only fed organic chick starter/grower, we give our birds healthy rations of grit, scratch and all the grass they want.
For the first 4 weeks, all chicks remain under our supervision for proper temperatures, cleanliness, feed and water rations to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need to grow strong. From 4 to 20 weeks, they are placed in one of our hoop houses as they continue to develop into adult laying hens. Once they lay the first egg, we move them out to one of our pastured mobile hen houses to become full time pastured egg layers for our egg operation. Our operation is on a smaller scale only allowing so may birds for so much pasture. Being mindful of the overall comfort of our chickens, we carefully stock our hoop houses and mobile hen houses with limited numbers to prevent overcrowding and high stress, overall making for healthy and productive operation.
We believe our methods and practices allow our chickens to meet their full potential. Not only meeting our standard but exceeding yours as well! When your ready for Chicks, Started Pullets or Ready to Lay Hens, any of our girls would make an excellent addition to your backyard flock! Stay tuned for availability.