Southern Sunny Acres

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Our Story

Southern Sunny Acres is a Veteran family owned farm in the East Texas community that was established in 2020.¬†We produce ethically raised pastured poultry and eggs. We believe in “no-icide” practices, which means we never use pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or any chemicals on our pastures. Our birds are put on pasture from hatch day, moved daily, able to graze on fresh pasture, given plenty of sunshine, bugs, worms, spiders and space to forage; which produces a more nutrient dense protein. We supplement their diet with a non-GMO, soy free verified feed and carbon additive to help balance out their diet.

We use sustainable, holistic management practices and we center on natural management for our poultry and their health. This includes daily movement and foraging practices which allow us to produce delicious, tender, juicy meat and high quality eggs. These practices allow us to protect and regenerate the soil, leading to better water infiltration, carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat.

We believe when you eat well, you live well. Eating well leads to high quality cell regeneration, less inflammation, better digestion and good sleep, allowing you to live your best life. So give our birds a try today.