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Our Story

We bought this Loblolly Pine timberland in 2003 with the dream of one day living here. June, 2005, we moved from suburban Florida to our land in rural Georgia. Our family has taken this timberland and managed it as a sustainable forest and cleared space to turn this into a small family farm. We’ve done all of this by the sweat of our brow one project at a time.

Our farm name has a double meaning to us. The name comes from the Bible in chapter 6 of the book of Ephesians. The passage speaks of putting on the full armor of God and standing firm in our faith in Jesus Christ our Savior. We give all the glory to God for what this farm has become and continues to become! The second meaning of the farm comes from managing our forest. In the years we have lived on our land, we have been learning what it means to be tree farmers. We have worked with the Georgia Forestry Commission to wisely manage our forest of Loblolly Pine trees. We want them to stand firm in the ground and grow tall and thick. I guess you could say that our farm name has deep roots both in the Bible and in the land!

In 2005, shortly after we moved on to our land, our neighbor gave us our first four chicks as a welcome gift. This started our adventure of raising chickens to provide our family with eggs and meat. We have approximately 30-40 chickens. The numbers vary due to hatchings and wildlife partaking in our livestock. Thankfully, our losses aren’t too bad, because we have an Australian Shepherd who’s #1 job is to guard our chickens and goats. We allow our chickens to range around outside and eat all sorts of bugs and plants. We have a coop and a fenced chicken run, but they are much happier walking all around enjoying the green grass, loose dirt spots for dust bathing, and shady brush to stay cool in the hot summer months. They do come home to the coop for laying eggs and roosting at night. Because they truly free range, this makes for some dark yellowy to orange yolks! Our eggs are delicious! Contact us to buy some!

In 2013, our oldest daughter took an interest in dairy goats. We started with two pregnant does after Christmas. Our family learned about the care and hard work involved with having dairy goats. As kids do, our daughter grew up and moved on in life to new adventures. She followed her Daddy’s footsteps into the US Navy. We are a Veteran and Active Duty family. Our other children have helped with the goats, but they too have grown and two more have left the farm. With only one teenager at home, the goats have become my (Mom’s) passion. They are my “kids” now! I enjoy taking care of and raising Nigerian Dwarf goats. My husband works a full time job off the farm, but when he is off work, he is at home on the farm living our dream together!

I raise Nigerian Dwarf goats to sell the offspring, and I make creamy goat milk soap. My breeding stock is registered with ADGA. They usually go to other farms as working dairy goats or companion pets. Did you know that Nigerian Dwarf goats have the highest butterfat on average over other breeds of goats?! This makes for some really creamy soap that gently cleans and nurtures your skin! I make all of my soaps from scratch using ingredients you know and trust. I do mail soaps using the US Post Office.

You can find our farm on Facebook at Stand Firm Farm. “LIKE” our page and follow the activities on the farm. A website is in progress, but the farm chores and the needs of the family makes progress on the website go pretty slow. If you are up to exploring, you can find us at Remember, it’s a work in progress! There is plenty more to come! If you want to be added to our email list, contact us and let us know.

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