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The Coup,

est. 06/2015

When I saw the price of eggs were going to dramatically increase, I thought it would be a neat hobby to have my own eggs produced at home. I bought a small chicken house, and I mean small(FIRST MISTAKE of many- LOL) to start my new adventure. I then adopted 4 chickens, and I fell in love with my new hobby. I now have 22 chickens, all adopted, and 11 different breeds. The wife hates it; Aubrey (family dog), the kids and grandkids love it.

All is right with the world 🙂


Update 3/8/18- I’ve been fortunate to not have anymore critters than I’ve encountered. The two separated coups have been combined now. That was an experience. The pecking order went to ‘you know where’ in a hurry! Took weeks for it to be re-established. Then we had the molting season the last 3 months of 2017. No fun at all, and no eggs to be had! I’m glad that stage is over and we’re back to our normal egg producing routines.
Update 2/21/17- I finally caught the critter that was eating my feed and eggs. He now has a new home a few miles away from the hen houses.

Update 2/17/17~ I have just loaded a picture of my latest visitor…a baby possum. He obviously likes my feed and eggs more so than the sampling of peanut butter I have awaiting him inside a catch n release trap 🙂 Guess Im gonna have to try tuna next as my Dad has suggested. LOL…Stay tuned.

Update 4/15/16~ Theres a rooster among us! While you can never be to sure when youre ordering a product, in this case chickens, I not only have one, but two roosters. While I love the sound of the rooster crowing, my neighbors Im sure arent enjoying as much as I am. I have just gotten rid of one of them, he went to another local farm.

Update 3/1/16~ Stanfords Chicken Coup now has two rabbits for petting. They are dark grey and white in color. Santos II is grey, and Cadbury is white. Santos has taken to people very well, he will come to you when you call him. Cadbury on the other hand is adventuresome to say the least. He has escaped multiple times.

UPDATE 2/17/16~ I just uploaded adtl pics of the babies that are now approx 14 weeks old. They are curious of anything and anyone that enters the coup. They are establishing the pecking order which is funny to watch. One will run up on another, both will bow up, and then they BOTH go in another direction. Izzadora has become the lead hen of Coup#2 for sure. Time will tell if she remains there. She is the largest of the bunch thus far and definitely uses that to her advantage. The Hen Herders shirts arrived. I passed them out recently and the kids loved them. I plan on selling the tshirts for $12, all adult sizes and I will be giving one away with every purchase of 3dz eggs.

UPDATE 1/11/16~My new chicks arrived Dec 9th. They are growing fast. It will be a while before they all receive a name. They were just moved to the their new home, Coup #2 on Jan 9th.

I have began “The Hen Herders Club” in my neighborhood with the children. They are all excited and participate in various activities within the coup. I have ordered them all t-shirts and they should be here soon. Sshh!!! Its a surprise. Enjoy the pics of the babies, etc…