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Our Story

We are a fledgling small farm established in partnership with our young children to provide them with the physical and mental health benefits that come with spending more time outdoors. We have some very happy hens that spend a majority of their days roaming our yard and free range ducks living the good life on our farm pond with access to plenty of pasture. We recently added some quail to our farm and we are hopeful that we will have their eggs available for purchase by spring 2022. There are also four Nigerian Dwarf goats, LuLu, Hope, Klee and Calico on our farm that will someday provide us with fresh goat’s milk! Our kids help with every aspect in maintaining our small farm, such as performing rewarding chores, like collecting eggs and cleaning coops or spending unstructured playtime keeping our animals healthy and happy. Our children also made all the decisions in the design of our Stella Acres logo and incorporated their late brother Charlie’s artwork as well as a few other little details that have very special meaning to us. We currently offer our chicken and duck eggs for sale through a contactless honor system cooler that we place outside at the entrance of our gravel drive 0n weekends from 9:00am until 1:00pm, dependent on availability. We also take requests for contact free pick ups of eggs on weekdays. Our chicken eggs sell for $3.00 per dozen and we offer our duck eggs for sale at $3.00 per half-dozen and $5.00 per dozen. We hope that you follow along with us as we continue to grow and learn!