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Welcome to our Farm!

We do our best to provide eggs and beef to our neighbors by using a pature grass method of farming.     The hens have access to 30 acres of green pasture at all times, dawn to dusk.

Likewise, our cattle are on grass only, using a rotational system and freely mingle with the hens in a symbiotic relationship.  We try to model our farm after Joel Salatin’s Virginia Farm.

“Beyond Organic” is the term he uses in describing the benefits of the all around needs of the animals and farmer.  Our eggs are available dawn to dusk, seven days a week, self serve using the honor system.

You’ll see our sign on the shoulder of our yard and the coolers that hold the Large  $4.00 and Jumbo eggs when available.

We are licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and sell our surplus to a co-op so we keep our eggs fresh from the hen to you.


The Collar’s


This is the whole steer made into ground beef.  All the best cuts, all the steaks, all the roasts.

No grain! No hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, or pesticides.  USDA inspected.

$7.00 per package



Beef that is good for you and tastes great.  Try some, call 517-676-9271.

Farm Update 12/01/2022 You may noticed a shortage of eggs here at the Farm.  Our demand has temporarily out-paced our supply.  Thank you for your patience.   The Collars