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Our Story

Stonewind Acres is a family-owned farm in South Texas, about 1 hour south of San Antonio. Jeremy and Melissa (that’s me) each came from two very different backgrounds. Jeremy grew up in New Mexico and Texas, and he was accustomed to raising animals and the farming way of life. I, on the other hand, grew up in suburban New Jersey and had a lot to learn about farming. We saved every penny we had, took a huge risk, and invested in a small piece of land. After working on some small projects, we quickly realized that we enjoyed building structures together, like rabbit hutches, cat houses, and chicken runs.

I fell in love with chickens and had a dream of having an egg farm, but there were several things I had to learn to “get over” if I wanted to be successful. First, I had to get over my fear of bugs, mud, and all things gross about animals! I also had to accept that having a farm meant tending to the animals outside no matter the weather conditions, and that certain tasks had to be accomplished daily for the health and safety of our animals.

Jeremy and I have both maintained full-time jobs away from our farm, so it was important that we agreed to run our farm together as our second full-time jobs. Luckily, teleworking options have afforded me plenty of time at home to give our chickens lots of love and attention. Our daughter, Libby (technically she’s my step-daughter, but I don’t see it that way!), is currently in college at UT Dallas. We love when she comes to visit, and she is also a HUGE help on the farm when she’s here.

Our chickens are fed a high-quality poultry feed, as well as lots of fresh fruits and veggies. They have a constant supply of feed and water at all times, and plenty of outdoor space to forage for the other creepy-crawly treats that they love so much. We also infuse their feed with natural supplements and probiotics that promote healthy digestion and stronger immune systems. One of the best results of this type of preventative health care is that their eggs have higher concentrations of Omega fatty acids than store-bought eggs!