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Our Story

We are a small operation that started out with 6 little hens in 2010. Over the years we discovered there was a lot more to eggs and chickens than just a few hens! We got in to rare, exotic, and heritage breed chickens and even ducks! As our customer base grew for eating and hatching eggs so did our flocks. I currently raise up to a thousand birds a year to breed and use for laying hens. We get eggs of all colors and shades of brown, green, and white. Want a super dark brown egg? We got them! Our birds spend their days free-ranging the 14-acre farm and do come back to the coops at night to rest. This is our way of insuring their safety as we are surrounded by predators. They enjoy the sunshine, eat bugs and grass, and dust in whatever dirt pile they desire. The ducks spend most of their day playing and preening in the on site creek. All processed meat is processed at a USDA certified business and is vacuum sealed and frozen.

All meat is farm raised without antibiotics or steroids and only on good quality fresh feed and water. Our meat birds do get to free range also which leads to a nice lean and flavorful meat for the consumer.

All of our birds have been NPIP & AI tested to be disease free.  We have strict biosecurity protocols in place and that includes no farm visits.

I feed a local milled feed that is my own custom mix in order to keep happy, healthy birds who are not stuck on a basic commercial feed diet.  This of course is in addition to their free ranging that consists of bugs and grass.