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Our Story

We are Northern Orange County’s newest family owned and operated homestead. We are full time public servants in local Fire and EMS departments. We have dedicated our lives to helping others. So it is only natural that we do that on our days off as well. We started raising pasture and organic fed chickens for our own family only to realize that we could be a source of wholesome food to our community as well. Since then, we have been on a mission to minimize our waste, utilize all that we are given, and reach out to educate those around us on their food sources. We are still a work in progress. But our story is unique and our mission is genuine. We seek to enhance our community through nourishment, knowledge, and experience.


Offering whole chicken that is pasture raised and supplemented with organic, locally made feed.  Keeping in line with our values, we only order our meat chicks from no kill hatcheries that are family owned and operated.  All of our chickens, from the rarest of breeds to the most common and to those who’s purpose in life is to nourish our bodies, are treated with love and respect and dignity. The horrors that are commercial chicken farming are reprehensible and unforgiveable. And we seek to be everything that they are not.

In addition to whole chicken, we will soon have quail and rabbit available as well.

Chicks and rare breed chickens including but not limited to Swedish Flower Hens, 55 Flowery Hens, Black Copper Marans, Lavender Ameraucaunas (self blue), and Silver Spangled Hamburgs.

Horseback riding lessons and training.

Farm services: Hauling (equipment and livestock), driveway grading and graveling, bush hogging, tractor services, and so much more!