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For years we have dreamed about raising chickens. We like to be known as a family that are homesteaders. Our homestead has been slowly growing we started by providing firewood and now we are raising chickens…..our future goals are to provide fresh produce as well.

We just love and adore our chickens they have become part of the family.

Our chickens are offered unlimited food and water. They free range and have supervised pasture time. We unfortunately have so many predators on our 20 acres that we supervise the chickens when they are roaming on the property eating fresh grass and bugs. They are not only fed chicken feed but get spoiled with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit as treats.

We currently provide a self serve stand at the end of our driveway. We will keep it stocked while the hens are laying. If interested email me and I can provide our address. Or follow us on our Facebook page @streamsofgracehomestead for updates.

We are asking $3.00 a dozen.

Thanks for checking us out. God Bless!