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Our Story

We moved onto our little 2 acre in 2015, we spent months fixing it up. It was a 100-year-old home with the longest two acres you’ve ever seen. With only two little dogs we started as a lot of farms do 6 chickens… That was our gateway drug we needed. Our son was around 2 at the time and we loved seeing him around the animals and working on the land. Our house is in a very small, country town in Arkansas and farm animals on our property just fit right in! As I learned how to raise chickens for eggs we slowly started growing the farm. Before you know it, we had 30 chickens, 2 hogs, and a garden that measured the same size yard we had at our last house. Eating healthy as much as we could was KEY! We wanted to eat the best products we could find but in our area, we do not have many options. Local stores didn’t carry much local products and if they did it was 3 times higher than it should be… So the search started to do what we could to produce better food for our family. So here we are with, as I write this, with 130 Cornish cross chickens. Chickens have been the most fun and rewarding food we have had on our farm, and the taste is far superior than anything else we have had! We feed our poultry a very fresh, GMO free food and they are moved everyday in a chicken tractor for fresh grass and bugs! Our farm is slowly growing and I hope we are able to bring more options to our farm as we grow! If you have any questions for us, please email us and we will get back to you! 🙂 Thank You!