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We are a (very) small farm in the outskirts of Windber/Paint township, PA. Our aim is to simply sell enough to take care of our animals and give them the best possible lives we can. I don’t aim to make a profit, just to keep the animals healthy and well-fed.
We sell chicken, turkey and soon-to-be duck eggs. We also always have a fresh supply of manure that would be fantastic for your farm or garden.
I wash, clean, and refrigerate all eggs. The birds are all given medical attention, treated for parasites, and are allowed to free range most days for 5+ hours. If we do treat animals for diseases or parasites, we always wait the maximum withdrawal time and dispose of all eggs.
We do not sell animals for slaughter. Everyone we have here are pets first and forever. We only re home animals who are harming others. We do not have males now because of this and do not sell hatching eggs.
All birds are currently on pasture and layer mash, as well as cracked corn to buff out the rest. We would like to one day be able to feed organic only, how well we do with selling eggs determines that.
Please email for more information or questions.