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Our Story

Sunrise Acres is a small family owned farm located in Lincolnton, NC. We raise our animals as nature intended, resulting in exceptional food, free from added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Our animals are raised outdoors on diverse pastures using sustainable and humane practices, as the Creator intended.

Our hens free range in open pastures with cattle and forage in the woods with access to a wide variety of insects and seeds.

Eggs are our primary product but we are a diversified farm raising 100% grass fed beef in small quantities as well a pork products.

Our pigs are pasture/woodland raised with plenty of room to root and forage for acorns and hickory nuts. They are also supplemented with locally sourced certified Organic grains.

Fresh vegetables grown using organic methods are also available in season as well as fresh milk from our resident Jersey cows.

Please call or text for product availability.

**Note- Raw milk is sold as “pet milk” and is not intended for human consumption per North Carolina law.**

We have a NC Meat Handlers Liscence and all animals are processed and packaged at state and government inspected and approved facilities.


Coming Spring 2022

1st annual Ladies Self Sufficiency Spring Seminar

April 9th & 30th and May 14th & 28th. See our Facebook page for more information and registration information or give us a call.