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Our Story

Sunshine Farm is an Earth Friendly family run small farm.  We’ve got big aspirations of additional livestock and products to offer our loyal customers in the near future.
At this time our farm raises Chickens, Quail and Goats using organic and nutritional feeding, farming techniques.
We raise and feed with love and a kind hand so our animals are stress-free and gentle in return.

We sell Farm Fresh Fertilized Chicken & Quail Eggs, Livestock, Plants, Trees, Fruits and Vegetables. (Email for inquiries of available products. Products differ throughout the seasons).
We strive to get the cleanest product from our farm to our customers table.

Our products are made organically, with no induced harsh chemicals or pesticides. We care about all our products and our environment because we are what we eat so why not eat the best you possibly can.

Need Manure for your Gardens?                 We have that too by the bucket load.  $5.00 a  5-gal bucket. Just bring us your bucket(s) with phone number on it and we’ll fill it and call when ready.
If you prefer it in a brew, we have it $3.00 a gallon.

Need Goat Stud Service?
Our Billy would be happy to help your does. He’s a beautiful all Chocolate Spanish/Boer Mix.

Sunshine Farm is also a proud supporter of The “Thank-A-Vet” program and honors those who served this great country.
Email for detail product(s) available towards our Vets. ❤️ 🇺🇸