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Hello! We are military veterans who decided to enjoy our next 20+ years raising chickens (and more!). We let our cage-free chickens out of their coop every morning so they can graze the pasture, range freely, and return to the coop to lay their eggs as they please. The turkeys have decided they prefer to sleep in the trees near the coop and so far we haven’t had any issues with that. They all seem happy and healthy! We are an LLC, certified by the State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and members of their NPIP.

Our flock: Freely Graze the Pasture (several acres), Cage Free, No Growth Hormones, Raised Ethically and Humanely and Sustainably (we do not raise “meat birds”), Mixed and Pure and Dual-Purpose Breeds. The Hens/Roosters/Chicks and Turkeys/Poults are all raised together. We let them molt naturally; we do not change their environment to increase egg production.

We deliver our chicken eggs to the 36117 neighborhoods (Hampstead, Sturbridge, Deer Creek, New Park) in Montgomery, AL. Our process is simple – you provide the address and we deliver to your front porch. Gratitude points for leaving us clean, reusable egg cartons. 🙂

2023 is our first year selling hatching eggs. We’ve tried incubating, but with a very low hatch rate we prefer to use our broody hens to do it for us. If you’re interested in hatching eggs or chicks, contact us to see what we have available. We’ve recently successfully incubated turkey eggs and have them for sale. Please inquire within.

Accepted payment methods are Venmo @sweethomesteadalabama or Zelle 850-240-5938 or Apple Cash.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us via email or on Facebook and Instagram. We also sell our flower/plant seeds on Etsy. Thank you!




We were featured on Simply Southern TV!