Sycamore Winds

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Our Story

Sycamore Winds is a small family farm just getting it’s start.  We relocated to Wilmington, OH in the Fall of 2020 and fulfilled our dream of owning an old farmhouse on a small piece of land where we could become more self-sufficient and raise our kiddos to value a simpler life.  Our chickens are our first adventure into farm life, and we are loving it.  We have an assorted flock of heritage breed hens providing us with a rainbow in our egg basket.  They get full run of our pasture and we’re always looking for new ways to increase their comfort and enrichment.  We invite you to stop in and pick up some eggs so you can share in a small taste of heaven.

We recommend texting or calling before stopping by to reserve your eggs.


1 Dozen Free Range Eggs $4

*Ask us about our carton exchange and veggie scrap credits!