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Our Story

This started out as one of those ideas you speak out loud that takes on a life of its own….

It began with the idea that we wanted to eliminate as much chemical “trash” from our diets as we could.  Gardening only goes so far and raising meat animals is a pretty hefty undertaking, so we started talking about chickens and eggs.

“We” (being my husband, myself, our eldest son and his wife) began casually tossing around the idea of raising a few chickens for eggs.

I (Geannie, the wife & mom in this story) made the “mistake” of leaving town for a two-day conference and when I arrived back home, I found that “we” had purchased 12 chicks and the old fort our now-grown boys had not used in a decade was being unceremoniously torn down to build a coop!!

That was March of 2014 and now we have 12 healthy hens, 10 of whom have figured out this egg-laying thing so far and we now have yummy eggs running out our ears so to speak.  🙂

And now, here we are.  Wouldn’t you like to buy some eggs???