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Tailless Cat Farm derives it’s name from McZip, a rescue orange tabby kitten,  that later lost his tail in a heroic encounter with a coyote and lived to tell the tale. McZip, our farm mascot, keeps the poultry houses clear of rodents and resides as our chief chicken herder.

We strive to bring the finest quality eggs to your table. While not recognized as ‘organic’, our chickens are raised in a cage-free environment and free to roam the confines of our farm. We have raised various livestock through the years; including alpacas, llamas, horses, turkeys, chukar partriges, meat chickens, and of course laying hens.

Our chickens roam free during the day, hunting as chickens do, foraging in the dirt, grass, and looking for left over grain from the other animals. When green grass is not available we supplement with small amounts of alfalfa in order for them to obtain the needed beta carotene; which is essential to obtain yellow yolks and omega-3 fats.

We recycle all of our cartons plus other recycleable items. Our manure from the alpacas, chickens, and horses is used for the garden area.

Last Update: 3/2/16

our first shipment of Cornish Game Hens arrived 1/28/16.  photos to be posted soon

the cornish game hens are now 2 weeks old, as of 2/10/16, and have been moved to the brooder house

cornish hens 5 weeks as of 3/1/16 – ready to process