Talking Oaks Ranch

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Our Story

We are a small homestead, practicing natural & organic farming to produce quality, homemade products from our family to yours. We specialize in organic rainbow chicken eggs and organic celadon quail eggs as well as artisan soaps and other beauty products.

Established in 2015, our family of five moved from the suburbs to the country so the children could learn about raising animals, gardening, composting, rewilding, and appreciate all the hard work that is needed to have a happy and healthy partnership with nature.

We selected this property for the 3.5 acres of gorgeous land. The fixer upper house was not what we had in mind but was worth it for the gorgeous trees, hills, and wildlife.

Our passions are varied but all include our love for animals and creating/maintaining a healthy habitat for native flora and fauna. We help others learn about the nature all around us through volunteering and online education. We hope to offer on-site experiences to share our passions in the future.

We have worked hard to ensure our animals are as happy as we are. Many are rescued/adopted and will happily live out their lives on our small ranch. Using natural and organic supplements, treatments, and practices, we are healing not only the animals but the land. The benefits reach far beyond our homestead and we have enjoyed seeing the results!

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting our small, family-owned business!