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Two Sues’ Eggs – The Story

Mom always kept a few hens for eggs.  When she passed at 95 we decided to add more chickens (now about 100) and provide self-serve eggs for locals and tourists.  We keep a wide assortment of breeds to produce a variety of egg colors, particularly shades of blue, green and spotted browns.

The chickens enjoy cozy indoor areas within the barn and the safety of large outdoor covered runs with grass-growing frames, logs and branches.  In this way we know our chickens are safe from predators (fox, eagles, etc) and we can be certain that the eggs we collect each day were laid that day.  We feed a balanced natural commercial feed as well as treats like carrots, melons, squash, greens and such.  Each carton is labeled with the date the eggs were laid.

The 1800s farm house is now a vacation rental through AirBnB (Tall Tree Farm Guesthouse – Waldoboro, Maine) and we Sues live next door.  (On the other side Of Tall Tree Farm is EastForty farm which produces and sells organic cow’s milk cheese, pastured pork, duck, and wood products.)