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Welcome to our Homestead. Our family of 4, myself, Amy my wife, and our two boys Andrew and James are happy you are visiting our site. Our Homestead began with the purchase of our new home in January of 2017. We have worked hard cleaning and repairing the chicken coops on the property. We purchased our first 12 chickens in May of 2017 and just a year later are up to 20 adult and 18 juveniles. We plan to grow our homestead this year with the introduction of pigs, and a couple head of cattle. Future plans for spring of 2019 include milk goats and honey bees. We hope to start producing homemade goat milk products summer of 2019 to help supplement our Homestead. In the spring I let our boys James 11 and Andrew 14 take over the egg sales and chicken care part of the Homestead. Hopeful this will allow them to earn extra money, as well as learn work ethic and responsibility.

Q: How do you store your eggs?

A: Currently are eggs are wiped of dirt and not washed unless needed they are then stored in a refrigerator until purchased.