Tangled Thicket Farm

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Our Story

We are a new farm as of May 2019, working to establish ourselves in Mount Vernon, Washington. We grow quality vegetables using organic practices and over time, will be implementing more permaculture practices and helping our tangled thicket become a healthy and happy piece of the beautiful Skagit County.

Our chickens are free-range, organically fed, and very, very spoiled. As of right now, we have two roosters (Skittles and Rocky), twenty-one hens (Beyonce, Fluffybutt, Gertrudes, Tricksy, Punky, Spunky, Nubbins, Spritzel, Fritzel, Frances, The Astrid Trio, Annie Lennox, Patti Smith, Edith, Freckles, Willie, Katerina, Nadyezhda, and Sokay), and seven chicks (Razzle, Dazzle, Collette, and four still seeking names). We love our chickens, and their eggs are delicious as a result!