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At Taste of the Wind we raise ethical, local, food that is good for you, for your community and for your environment!

We turn food waste such as hydroponically-grown organic produce, and spent grains from local breweries, that is headed to the dump into nutrient dense, and ethical food products for you!

We currently collect an average of 1500 pounds of food waste every week. This is collected from 12 different waste streams including 2 local restaurants (The Trading Post and Albany Lodge), 3 local grocery stores, 1 local bread supply-chain, Bonds Brewing Company, 1 organic food research facility, the Laramie Soup Kitchen, Laramie Interfaith, the Laramie Greenwaste Trailer Free-Drop-Off-Location, and sometimes even food en-transit on Interstate-80…

We even offer the opportunity for our customers like you to participate in closing the loop on your own food waste if you want to be a part of kicking food waste in Laramie and Centennial WY, to the curb Or, should we say, to the hogs.