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Thank you for the privilege of your time to share our farm and story with you.  Taylor Farm on the Saco is located on 23 acres in the Western Maine foothills along the Saco River in the rural community of Brownfield.  A mixture of woodlands, fields and a continuous water supply for both animals and gardens provides us with the best of all growing worlds.

Why did we start this journey you ask? The driving force behind our journey to start farming  was; we felt that today’s food system had been compromised by BIG AG corporate GREED and the consumer really never knew where their food was coming from, or what they were getting or how it was grown or raised.  We found labels misleading; that organic had really lost its meaning in the era of “industrial organics”.  We discovered the truth about factory farming aka CAFO concentrated animal feeding operation which is a facility that raises large numbers of animals in extreme confinement areas for most or the entirety of its life.  If you are buying meat today from your typical grocery or big box store you can pretty much assume it has come from this type of operation.  Our food safety concerns grew with the increasing number of food recalls and the growing list of genetically modified foods in our food system.  We decided with the number of family farms disappearing and the increasing take over and control of the food quality by corporate agriculture it was time to take responsibility for our own food choices.  We were blessed to have found this sanctuary 5 years ago.  For the past 4 years we have raised chickens for meat and eggs, pig’s, turkeys, and goats each with its own rewards and challenges. We also enjoy growing many vegetables for our family, friends and our farm animals.

Our growing operation philosophy is: in a world where everything has to be bigger and faster at the expense of quality to make a buck it’s time to step back and ask ourselves what the true cost is to our health and to the welfare of the animals we raise and the nutrition in the vegetables we grow.  We have chosen to raise Heritage Breed animals and Heirloom Vegetables whenever possible. We discovered some risk the possibility of becoming extinct, they are slower growing, and more nutrient dense then the factory breeds or standard varieties.

Chicken Life on Taylor Farm is delicious because “Happy Hens Lay Tasty Eggs” and the Roasted Chicken ain’t bad either!! All poultry is raised on pasture in season secured with electric netting fence in mobile structures and moved daily or every few days and allowed to Free Range Always 365 days per year.  Coop doors are open first thing every morning which allows the hens to decide if they would like to take a stroll outside to scratch in the dirt, eat grass, chase bugs, take a dust bath or maybe play in the freshly fallen snow.  Around dusk when they decide to roost for the night (go to bed for us humans) the doors are closed and they are secured for the night from any predators that might be looking for a free dinner because everybody loves chicken!!!

Piggie Life on Taylor Farm is full of sunshine, fresh air, green grass, lots of room to kick up their heels (yes pigs like to get crazy) and ahhhh that mud hole on a hot summer day; and a brisk walk on a snowy day.  Life is Good; ask Gertie and Bacon they came 4 years ago and have become the farm mascots at about 700 lbs each!!  Taylor Farm pigs have year round access to the outdoors, they live in shelters with lots of hay to snuggle in.  Their pastures are fenced in with electric wire which allows us to move them frequently with no stress on them or us.

The only way you will ever truly know what you are feeding your family is to grow/raise it yourself or get to know your Local Farmers!  Taylor Farm on the Saco is a member of the American Pasture Poultry Producers Association.  If you would like to learn more about Pastured Poultry and the benefits please visit APPPA.org ; they are a super organization.

Thank you for your time; we look forward to hearing from you,

Taylor Farm on the Saco (farming from the heart)

Committed to the well-being of our community, the planet and doing our part to bring healthy nutritious clean food to you and your family.