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Our Story

Terry Farm was started for our special needs daughter who loves animals. We started with a couple of  hens in our backyard for eggs for the family. People began to ask if we sold fresh eggs . We added up a few more hens here and there and started selling them as people came by and asked.  We began to realize that we could not always be here for the convenience of everyone so we came up with the idea of self serve.  This way eggs are always available for pick up, and if you need a turkey or a chicken, just call and someone will meet you at a time convenient for you.

Our chickens are free run and can be seen running loose with the horse and goats right from the driveway where you can buy your eggs from the conveniently located refrigerator. Just put your money in the box and you’re good to go.  Look for the giant chicken on West Front Rd in Atascadero, and you’ll find Terry Farm.