The Bawk Mahal

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Our Story

While we are not an actual farm, we do live in the country on almost 3 acres and are raisingĀ only 6 chickens. (Chicken math hasn’t hit me yet.) I am a first time chicken mom at the urging of my sister (who has raised chickens for year as well as being a beekeeper). My wonderful husband built the beautiful chicken coop that my girls call home – the Bawk Mahal.

The girls are cage-free and have access to their run/coop, a large, open, grassy area with netting and occasional free ranging access.(Hawks, coyotes and dogs are in the area – not to mention our own dogs.)

The girls have been happily been laying eggs since August 2022. Sally (When Harry Met Sally), Jenny (Forrest Gump), Thelma & Louise (perfect names for these two crazies), Dolly (Dolly Parton plus she was a little busty when she was a baby chick) and Dottie (the name just suited her).

Stop going to the store for your eggs. Give our eggs a try! They are fresh and delicious and you won’t be disappointed. And when you pick up your eggs, ask to meet the girls! They would love to meet you!