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Just about three years ago I finally got my wish! I always wanted to have my own chickens. SO much healthier than store bought! I decided that if I was going to do this, my chickens were going to be totally Organic. I also wanted NO SOY or CANOLA MEAL/OIL in my diet! I was able to find a local grain dealer down in Millbrook that grows and harvests all his grains Organically. He also makes his own Organic SOY AND CANOLA MEAL/OIL free chicken feed! I was delighted to say the least!

Now that I have the right food available we bought a coop, opened up about 2+ acres of our 6 we live on, so our flock could pasture all they wanted. We also wanted to supplement our flock with fresh veggie greens when available from our Organic Garden. During the winter months when our garden is resting we are able to have access to extra veggies and greens for our flock from a local organic store so all year round they are able to get thier full nutrients they need to produce the best eggs available. Our eggs have beautiful tight whites with bright dark yellow yolks, you won’t be disappointed!
We currently have 8 girls and 1 rooster! We hope to be growing our own chicks this coming spring! We have available large to extra large brown, blue and green eggs! It’s a bit slow right now as they slow their laying during the winter months and from coming out of their molting process, so please call ahead to see what we have available!
Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope to see you soon!