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Our Story

We got our chickens because we wanted to have fresh, nutritious, cruelty free eggs from happy hens. I believe that everybody should have access to the same wonderful eggs.  We are blessed to have lots of space for our hens to forage and wander.  They spend their days roaming, eating bugs and browsing on fresh greens. They bless us by filling the nest boxes with their multicolored eggs.  Give our fresh eggs a try, you’ll never go back to store bought!


What do your hens eat?

Our hens get commercial layer feed free choice. They also have access to oyster shells for calcium and fresh clean water at all times. They also have access to water with probiotics and electrolytes mixed in. They get kitchen scraps and garden leftovers. They have the occasional treat of scratch grains, sunflower seeds, and meal worms. The get all the bugs they can catch and all the green grass and plants they care to eat.

Any questions? Just ask!

We strive to provide complete transparency in our chicken keeping practices.