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Hello friends,

The Feathered Garden features two of my favorite things, Gardening and Chickens.  I had a large farm but have downsized this year to a small urban farm.  My girls (hens) are young and great layers.  They are happy and don’t have a rooster around so my eggs are NOT fertilized, that’s how I prefer them.  I feed my girls Non-GMO Organic feed mixed with herbs and grains.   They free range so get lots of grass and nutrients they need to make dark orange beautiful eggs. Nothing healthier than fresh eggs.

I do porch pickup.  I will greet you if I’m  home, but most people just pickup either by the garage or porch, I’ll let you know where the cooler will be.

I will have fresh cut flower bouquets available in a month or so as well if you’re interested.

Thank you for checking me out, I’m located in Lavon between Farmersville and Wiley.

Have a Blessed Day.