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The Fewell Homestead is a small farmette located in Rixeyville, Virginia. We specialize in healthy chickens and all natural chicken keeping. Chemicals are our very last resort when caring for our chickens and other homestead animals. Our chickens eat all natural, non-GMO feed and are pasture raised with free range of our entire property. We also take pride in our ducks and duck eggs. In our egg carton you will find a beautiful rainbow of eggs! We have Delaware’s, French Black Copper Marans, Ameraucaunas, Rhode Island Reds, Orphingtons, Olive Eggers, and upon request, Khaki Campbell duck eggs.

We also raise heritage breed homestead rabbits on our farm. Our rabbits are ready for new homes at 8 weeks old, or ready for processing at 12 to 18 weeks of age. You may order your processed rabbit ahead of time or you may pick your rabbit(s) up if you prefer to process yourself.

We are no longer taking new egg customers until Spring 2015. But we welcome your inquiries in case we have extras!

UPDATE 9/16/14: We currently have 3 processed rabbits ready to be sold. Please contact us ASAP if interested!