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We’re actually doing it.  We’ve made the decision that the only real way to know what you’re eating is to grow it yourself.  So, we literally “bought the farm.” 65 & a half acres, to be exact.  We’re going to raise animals on pasture, grow produce in a responsible, sustainable way, and provide an ecological kick in the pants to this burnt out old piece of farmland. Graze on!

We are not a certified organic farm. However, we adhere to organic and holistic practices, follow nature’s lead, and never use chemicals on our farm. Our birds are fed organic feed from another local farm and spend as much time on pasture as they can get.

Current Prices:

Pasture-Raised Soy-Free Organic Eggs – $6/dozen (limited availability)

Pasture-Raised Organic Chicken – $4.50/lb.

Whole, Quartered, Breast, Thigh, 2-pack Legs, 4-pack Wings

Maple Syrup – $10/8oz. Mason Jar