The Henriettas

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This is a very small farm with a few dozen free-range chickens known as The Henriettas.    Our eggs are gathered 2-3 times a day by hand by me or with some help from my great nieces.   We hand clean/ dry wipe eggs prior to being put in cartons and refrigerated.   When we do get a really dirty egg, we spot clean that area with a cloth and water.

I do recommend that you reserve or call ahead to make sure we have eggs available before you drive out here.  Eggs can be picked up at the farm with or without an appointment.  We operate on the honor system and recommend bringing the right change.    I will also meet you in Durham or Ewing MO.

  • $2.25 per dozen in new carton
  • $1.50 per dozen if you provide your own carton

We are looking to try some new and exciting things this year on the farm, so stay tuned for some possible changes!

Stay healthy!