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Our Story

Upon retirement from my business, my husband and I decided we needed to make use of our remaining years in the peace and tranquility of the country.  We both believe in staying active to preserve our strength and energy, thus we began our farming careers.  Since my husband was raised on a self-sustaining farm, and hadn’t even had ‘grocery store’ milk until he left for the Navy at age 18, I felt he would be the perfect one to get me started on this little venture.  I, of course, had visited a farm two to three times in my lifetime, so it turned out to be quite a challenge for him.  After I got over my fear of the dead silence and extremely dark nights (LOL!), I began to settle in with chickens, then ducks, then quail.  So from total city girl, I have become a very proud farm girl and love every minute of the day.  Getting to know the individual quirks of my birds and their breed specific needs has been pure pleasure for me.  I love offering what I have learned to other folks who are even thinking of starting to farm at retirement age.  My husband and I believe it is never too late in life to learn new things and start new adventures whenever you choose.  Our little farm is in South East, Texas (zone 8), 150 miles North East of Houston, TX.  We offer eggs from all the birds and quail chicks.  The chickens and ducks who have been selected for the unemployment line (the freezer) keep fresh meat on our table and fresh eggs in the refrigerator.  We raise all our birds antibiotic and GMO free and free-ranged, all on two and a half acres.  Our little paradise!