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Hi All!

We are a small family farm; raising a barnyard mix of chickens & ducks, feeder pigs, Boer goats & honeybees. We have an overflow of eggs and would love to share them with anyone who’d like free range eggs. Our barnyard ladies run free & know to head to the coop when the sun is going down.

We raise a small herd of 25 boer goats who kid each February. We can’t resist those adorable little faces. Our hope is to sell the kids for 4H and FFA projects or for pets. Each of our does (nannies) have names and each have their very own unique personality.

2017 brought a new adventure to the farm…honeybees! My husband had wanted to keep bees for may years, so we jumped in! We are so glad we did! Each time we check on our girls we learn something new. Bees are amazing & we very much enjoy “keeping” bees. Each years honey harvest differs, so we may have an abundance or a limited supply of honey.

In addition to the little farm on the hill…we are a whitetail outfitter, with a full service lodge. In the off season we offer bed & breakfast farm stays.