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We are a family farm that has been around for four generations (make that 5 soon with this baby I’m growing 😉 )! The farm has made lots of changes throughout the generations, but we have always been a family that is trying to leave the Earth better for the next generation. As knew information comes out, we are able to do better and better at making this goal of sustainability for the long term, a reality. Right now, we are really focusing on regeneration of our soils with the use of cover crops and animal agriculture. Instead of spreading manure, we let the animals do it themselves. We encourage a wide diversity of bugs and wildlife in our fields because nature takes care of itself if we would step back long enough to let it do it’s job. We use animals as weed control as well! After their job has been done and they have lived a full life out on the Kansas plains, we take the end product of those animals and help put a healthy food alternative on your tables. These animals have all lived outdoors their entire lives, with minimal antibiotic use and access to a variety of growing crops to eat (kale, mungbeas, sunflower, milo, radishes, wheat, etc). We have Livestock Guardian Dogs that keep watch over our animals and help deter predators. Our mission is to grow and raise everything that we eat, and offer that to our friends and family who are interested in this same lifestyle!